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you're uncontrolable and we're unlovable

There are many things I don't get nowadays. Specially about relationships and the way young girls think (call me old lady and you die >l).

I know this guy who is a really, really good boy. He always takes care of everyone else, he's well-mannered and he's kind of cute. The thing is, he can't seem to find a girlfriend because all the girls he knows are crazy dramatic bitches  that like the dangerous type and the kind of men that make them suffer :/ and I've noticed that this kind of girls has been increasing dramatically. Also, they seem to thing that men are their playthings and that, as they go older and need stability, they will be able to leave this life behind and go spend the rest  of their lives with a good man (that in some cases will be one of the ones they rejected before). Is it just old-fashioned me, or women become more like men as decades go by? That is taking the equality thing too far.

Oh, and a minimal thing. I've realized that I don't feel comfortable celebrating special dates at fancy restaurants. Last time I didn't enjoy it. I was worried about the check the whole time and the food wasn't that good. Next time, I'll just go to Carl's Jr or something :)

This is random. I have nothing else to do as I wait for mom to come back from my uncle's place again. God, that man's got some issues.
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