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when you're feeling beautiful, will you remember me?

 Well, this is what used to be thanks4smokin , now turned into a beautiful butterfly :DDDD ... my other journal was just too full of junk and I didn't care enough for it so it died and all of my friends deserted me so I decided to start over again, promising that I will love you all as, or more than, I used to (if you still remember moi).  

If you don't remember me, there's a little more about myself.

Well, I'm a young, very young indeed, younger than I seem or actually am, girl who is currently in the middle of her English major, wanting to become a language teacher or an interpreter. I know it sounds pretty fancy and kind of pointless but hey, let me do whatever I want with my life. If I want to go drinking with my friends every weekend and have 28249289 wives, I'll do it, and if I want to learn 3290 languages I'll do it just as easily.

Also, I love reading. Currently finishing Queen of the Damned, and holy shi- it's an amazing book, I love Anne Rice. Unlike some modern vampire books I've seen in the bookshelves these past years. I wish I could burn all that teenager-angsty-crap and dance like an primitive woman around the fire. Anyway, I love Anne Rice and Oscar Wilde (not to be confused with 'I think they're similar'); I have this thing for old authors such as Allan Poe and Angsty-Pants Keats, and I think Byron is the original rockstar.

By the way, I F--- LOVE MUSE, THEY'RE THE BEST BAND EVER AND IF YOU DON'T THINK THE SAME- well, that's your opinion, you can tell me your favorite band and I'll think about it. But hey, if you haven't listened to Muse I highly recomend it if you like sensuous and daring lyrics making love to innovative beats.

Aaaaand... that's pretty much everything I can say right now.   
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